“I Wanna Hot Body”

Spartan  Sprint 2016 is a 5 -7 km race with more then 20 obstacles and with 30 burpees penalty in case of failing any of the element. Since it sounded too easy- we complicated the race with a challenge of doing it together as a couple 🙂 Lets be clear on our goals first:

Him: “I want to prove to myself I can do it”

Her: “I want a rocking body for this summer”

spartan sprint finish

Every morning for about 4 weeks  we were  waking up at 5:15 am, rolling off the bed and getting to the gym by 6 am.Starting  with 3 k run on the treadmill, followed by various work outs.  He adjusted our training plan in a way of intense preparation for the main elements of the race (rope climb, tire flip, monkey bars, z wall climb etc ) and well burpees…the thing you will hate the most!  Before that I could barely do 5 push ups,  2 dips and zero pull ups. But thinking that soon you will be running through hell is more then enough motivation…plus my boyfriend is a true Nazi in the gym, so no chance to be lazy.

After week 1, my whole body was in pain, I was having a sleeping break down in the office everyday. On the second week, I craved for naps and was loosing focus easily, but my body was totally relaxed. I don’t think I ever felt better then that. Week 3 brought a pleasant improvement in the mindset, I was energetic, focused and very productive  at work.My personal take away – modifying your body is an easy part, getting your mind in the routine – that whats bringing the true overall results. Check out the begginers plan:Fitness plan

My favorite notes from a journal:

April 11  – I can not walk or sit without the facial expression of a wounded soldier.

April 18 -I am freaking out and feeling not ready at all. Watching those videos of previous races and over considering my decision:)  But I noticed I can do 60 burpees during one training , I started to do 4-5 dips.

April 23, the day has come and the promised adrenaline did not kick in. I got rather nervous then excited and first half of the race was really struggling with breathing – disappointment. But hey, true to be said, this race does test your limits and bring the best out of you. I got it all together and had so much fun on the last 3 k with 120 burpess in total. Him…well he did great and stayed gentlemen even in the mud and sweat (points to him!)

So since physical and mental part is covered, lets get to the most important one:

What to wear???

First essential – shoes. You won’t be able to run in mud and uphill without proper grip.

Salomon speedcross gtx3 – You get what you pay for. They feel weightless, comfy, keep you steady on the slippery surface, gore-tex water prof, cleaned up greatly with just water and soap afterwards.

Shirt,shorts, leggings, gloves

I went for classic Under Armour and Nike. Changed my shorts to leggings last minute as the weather was crazy cold.  I felt extremely comfortable in my outfit.


Spartan Kit

For the next time, I am going for brighter colors of sport clothes and braids hairstyle…And yes… I am doing it again:)


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