Dress to Kill

In the run up to Christmas celebration and New Year party, we frantically search for “The Dress” to stand out and shine at numerous events you have planned.

With all the assortment out there, there is always a question of money, originality, style, functionality. Our heads are spinning to make the right choice.  And let’s be honest:nothing hunts us girls like the things we did not buy.

Life isn’t perfect but your outfit  could be. It can rock and cost you nothing. Even, when your Christmas party theme is …well… Dracula.

Check out few picks for the festive season and get inspired with ideas.

Simple, classic, dramatic or sexy – you never loose with a black dress:

An elegant open back dress with a jour sleeves is styled with the gorgeous dark lipstick  NYX , matte, shade 11.



Chiffon Velvet Dress Asos with an accent on flawless eye lashes from H&M creates the dramatic evening look.



Red lipstick from Cover girl and a little black dress from Top Shop would fit any party theme and looks adorably playful with fun accessories. Hand made earrings from Mongolian market makes this outfit truly unique.



When in doubt wear read:

Zara red dress with a gorgeous smile and messy ponytail. Simplicity is the key to the true elegance. Watch out Gigi, you have got some competition:)



Number one rule of fashion -forget the rules. If you like it wear it:

Comic book hero look can be sexy and a scene-stealer of the party. Vintage skirt, white shirt from high school times, H&M choker. Pale skin, perfect high pigtails and contact lenses to add the edge and transform to someone complitely different.



Friday night: me, you & my leather jacket.

Black faux leather Jacket Zara, turtle neck  H&M. Mac lipstick Ruby Woo.Style with attitude.



A dress makes no sense unless it inspires man to take it off of you…



On Katka: Renata Blassi winter black dress

On V: Tuxedo jacket& pants H&M, choker from Prague designer Mila, make up & hairstyle by Jitka Novotná


Friday office crime

Office plankton  – not the easiest environment to play with styles or get creative with your outfit. Dress code is very strict, professional, boringly appropriate and mainly black, white, grey.

But here is the silver lining…this one day, second favorite F word of the universe – Friday (aka Casual Friday).

Love those outfits below, which are affordable, combine personality, style and yet a good fit  for office work.



On Josie:  

Skirt: Pimkie

T-shirt: Bershka

sweater: Camaïeu

Sneakers: Van’s by Freshlabels

Earings: I AM



On Katarina:            

Blouse: Small store in Milano

Jeans: Pieces

Watches: JVD (steel)



         On Arina:  

Cropped sweater: Primark UK

Denim high-waisted skirt: Second hand

Choker: Woolworths UG

Boots:  Deichmann CZ



     On Veronika:

Oversize  T shirt: Top Shop

Jeans: Calvin Klein

Boots: Bata



Friday, Morning, Bridge

Everyone has highs and lows that they have to learn from.  This morning I had a privilege  to start off the day  with a great work out, a swim and a walk to the office in a beautiful city of Prague –  It’s going to be a good day!

When you wake up,  be thankful to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. Top it up with a nicely selected outfit and the world is a happy place!



Zara skirt, Chanel bag ,Golden lady tank top (comfy microfiber, ideal for many outfits)



Rain, movie, pizza

Summer time, full of outdoor activities, long party nights, oversea vacations and bbq in the park.  Summer rainy days however brings out another guilty pleasure, as of chilling in bed with a pizza delivery and a good movie.

To save you from wondering, searching and even posting your question on facebook, here is my pick list for upcoming months:

“I Wanna Hot Body”

Spartan  Sprint 2016 is a 5 -7 km race with more then 20 obstacles and with 30 burpees penalty in case of failing any of the element. Since it sounded too easy- we complicated the race with a challenge of doing it together as a couple 🙂 Lets be clear on our goals first:

Him: “I want to prove to myself I can do it”

Her: “I want a rocking body for this summer”

spartan sprint finish

Every morning for about 4 weeks  we were  waking up at 5:15 am, rolling off the bed and getting to the gym by 6 am.Starting  with 3 k run on the treadmill, followed by various work outs.  He adjusted our training plan in a way of intense preparation for the main elements of the race (rope climb, tire flip, monkey bars, z wall climb etc ) and well burpees…the thing you will hate the most!  Before that I could barely do 5 push ups,  2 dips and zero pull ups. But thinking that soon you will be running through hell is more then enough motivation…plus my boyfriend is a true Nazi in the gym, so no chance to be lazy.

After week 1, my whole body was in pain, I was having a sleeping break down in the office everyday. On the second week, I craved for naps and was loosing focus easily, but my body was totally relaxed. I don’t think I ever felt better then that. Week 3 brought a pleasant improvement in the mindset, I was energetic, focused and very productive  at work.My personal take away – modifying your body is an easy part, getting your mind in the routine – that whats bringing the true overall results. Check out the begginers plan:Fitness plan

My favorite notes from a journal:

April 11  – I can not walk or sit without the facial expression of a wounded soldier.

April 18 -I am freaking out and feeling not ready at all. Watching those videos of previous races and over considering my decision:)  But I noticed I can do 60 burpees during one training , I started to do 4-5 dips.

April 23, the day has come and the promised adrenaline did not kick in. I got rather nervous then excited and first half of the race was really struggling with breathing – disappointment. But hey, true to be said, this race does test your limits and bring the best out of you. I got it all together and had so much fun on the last 3 k with 120 burpess in total. Him…well he did great and stayed gentlemen even in the mud and sweat (points to him!)

So since physical and mental part is covered, lets get to the most important one:

What to wear???

First essential – shoes. You won’t be able to run in mud and uphill without proper grip.

Salomon speedcross gtx3 – You get what you pay for. They feel weightless, comfy, keep you steady on the slippery surface, gore-tex water prof, cleaned up greatly with just water and soap afterwards.

Shirt,shorts, leggings, gloves

I went for classic Under Armour and Nike. Changed my shorts to leggings last minute as the weather was crazy cold.  I felt extremely comfortable in my outfit.


Spartan Kit

For the next time, I am going for brighter colors of sport clothes and braids hairstyle…And yes… I am doing it again:)

Brazilian Crime

Affordable, high quality  beauty care in Prague, with English speaking professionals…? Took me a long time find such, but here we go:

Beauty Secrets   …. and you are welcome!

You walk through the doors and  Selma (the founder and world class beauty therapist from Brazil)  greets you with a smile. She will listen to what you need and will do better then you expect – proven by more then 3000 clients.

You will not find anything quite like that. Combination of friendly staff, low prices, quick quality job and decent advice in regards of any beauty questions you might have. Pedicure, manicure, facials, waxing, eyelash extensions – all done by a crew of professionals.


Not sure what you want or how it works, check out  Selma’s blog and find all the answers you need.Just to give you  an example – 700 czk for full Brazilian – perfect job, done in 30 minutes (depends on the stage of disaster of course 🙂

Rest of the price list available on the  Beauty Secrets official webpage . Give it a try and you will never find yourself searching for any other beauty place, I can assure you.

Men in crime: Looking good in summer

So you guys woke up from the winter and start loosing your mind over girls wearing  dresses, revealing more body parts and looking way too sexy?

It has been a  loong winter.  Time to get back in the game. What are you going to wear this summer? Those old basketball shorts and tank tops from last year won’t get you a date.

Key Summer trends which you actually can pull off and not look ridiculous: 

  • Cuban Collar Shirt (1950s style)
  • Bomber jacket
  • Chinos
  • Distressed jeans 

Cuban Collar ShirtcubancollarOld-school charm and class. Notch lapel-like collar, short sleeves, straight cut hem. Similar effect can be created with any shirt that has a top button tab fastening: ASOS . Check H&M : Cotton shirts with variety of designs and affordable price range.

Bomber jacket


Originating from back in the day when pilots needed to keep warm, is an  essential comfy outfit for warm days and chilly nights. Goes well with long line t-shirt, hoodies and classic shirts if you know how to pull it off. What completes the look are awesome trainers. Get yourself a good one – it will stay in trend for long time Diesel



Specific type of trousers, initially designed with a military purpose. These pants are made of a cotton or cotton-blend material, with any shade or color to please you. Particularly this summer front runners are: navy, red or green colors. Classic look is to tuck them 5 cm above the ankle.  900 czk for comfy summer pants Zara. Best shoes to combine with chinos are sneakers, sandals, topsiders.

Distressed jeans 


Easy one. Mainstay in every mans wardrobe. This summer jeans are ripped, patched, bleached – all but destroyed, basically. Top Man for variety of models, Levis for classic fit, Calvin Klein for special one.

Crime to avoid:

  • Crocs  and pretty ladies don’t go together, you gotta choose
  • If you are not a LV runway model, don’t mix sandals and socks

So You should go and love yourself…

I keep thinking what a shitty type of person could possibly bully others for being different. Key word = different; not like you, not something you are used to, just DIFFERENT.Why is that a reason to judge right away? Why  sometimes is it so hard for us to accept it and be in peace with it? 

April 13th is the International Day of Pink. It’s a day where communities around the world are united by celebrating diversity and free love.  It is also a day of raising awareness to stop all forms of bullying.

Have you ever seen a friend mistreated? Have you ever been hurt yourself? Wearing a shirt might not prevent bulling, but seeing happy people in my office dressed up in pink made my day!  

Sometimes fashion speaks louder then words 🙂 Whether you wanna lift  your mood through the work week or make a statement, put on the color of unconditional love and nurture in the beautiful spring day. Love is in the air, people! 

Fabulous Pink Essentials:

  • Socks – Nike for Running
  • Office Shirts – Tommy Hilfiger, Lindex, T.M.Lewin
  • Dress – Closet London
  • Jackets – C&A , Reserved
  • Tank Top – Buffalo David Bitton 

Photo credit: Derek Halsey



Coco Chitty

Lyrical digression from the topic of being fabulous.

Hipster concerts with small groups of relaxed and young people, gathering in the same venue to listen to the artists they like – never was my thing. But let me tell you, when your head is full of bothering thoughts and you wanna find some peace – standing in the dark underground room, right in front of the performer, feeling the energy and the vibe, focusing on lyrics and guitar sound (with Gin Tonic in hands)  makes you feel comfortable and disconnected from the rest ♥

C’est la vie  – when Wednesday mood is not right, I d throw Vans sneakers or Nike shoes on, black or grey ripped jeans, black T shirt and call a friend 😉

Prague is not Paris and the crowd is very easy on the style, but I see the  list of “must have” things for this type of event: 

  • Baseball cap
  • Hipster glasses 
  • Skinny jeans
  • Black Leather Jacket
  • Dark lipstick 

King Charles KingCharlse

Take our breathe away

They say life is not measured by the number of breathes we take, but by the moments that take our breathe away. Being at the top of the glacier, on 3250 m height and snowboarding all the way down made me think of 3 things (in this exact order): fear, let go, freedom.

By challenging and pushing your limits, you feel free and fearless. Always try something new, always strive for new experiences! Aaand try to always  look fabulous doing so 🙂

Alps essentials: CrazyFriends; Sunscreen 50SPF; shots and espresso

Mountain outfit tips: 

  1. The more colors the better! Whats the point to wear grey, white or black when the sun shines bright and fresh snow sparkles like in Frozen?  Go crazy and mix all your favorite colors, prints, ornaments. Burton, Hoursefeathers – high quality, fancy looks, colorful designs; Ride, Nitro -affordable, long lasting quality. Gravity,Meatfly – cheap, 1 season lasting but lots of fun designs to choose from.
  2. Wear under-layer. You will feel hot while snowboarding and cold while having the break, a good layers will prevent you from that and keep you comfy all day. My personal picks: Nord Blanc, Under Armour.
  3. Invest in googles and helmet! Main attributes of your safety and major part of your look. Oakley, Anon, Dragon, Smith, Roxy, Quicksilver – top rated brands for last 10 years. Spend time on research and get  yourself a proper model which fit your needs.

To add to the look: French braid is my savor, lip balm and water prove mascara  – must have, bright manicure…just because 🙂

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