Take our breathe away

They say life is not measured by the number of breathes we take, but by the moments that take our breathe away. Being at the top of the glacier, on 3250 m height and snowboarding all the way down made me think of 3 things (in this exact order): fear, let go, freedom.

By challenging and pushing your limits, you feel free and fearless. Always try something new, always strive for new experiences! Aaand try to always ¬†look fabulous doing so ūüôā

Alps essentials: CrazyFriends; Sunscreen 50SPF; shots and espresso

Mountain outfit tips: 

  1. The more colors the better! Whats the point to wear grey, white or black when the sun shines bright and fresh snow sparkles like in Frozen?  Go crazy and mix all your favorite colors, prints, ornaments. Burton, Hoursefeathers Рhigh quality, fancy looks, colorful designs; Ride, Nitro -affordable, long lasting quality. Gravity,Meatfly Рcheap, 1 season lasting but lots of fun designs to choose from.
  2. Wear under-layer. You will feel hot while snowboarding and cold while having the break, a good layers will prevent you from that and keep you comfy all day. My personal picks: Nord Blanc, Under Armour.
  3. Invest in googles and helmet! Main attributes of your safety and major part of your look. Oakley, Anon, Dragon, Smith, Roxy, Quicksilver Рtop rated brands for last 10 years. Spend time on research and get  yourself a proper model which fit your needs.

To add to the look: French braid is my¬†savor, lip balm and water prove mascara ¬†– must have, bright manicure…just because ūüôā

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Just Do It

I never believed there can be a universal sport shoes for every outfit. But Nike made it clear, you can pull it off whether it is a leather pencil skirt, office white shirt, jeans or classic MaxMara coat you are wearing , throw on some Nikes and you good to look fabulous and comfy.

And plus, you can design them yourself, which is pretty cool for less the 100$ shoes


Make your own Nike


#Partners in crime#

Who are they? My crazy friends, beautiful¬†¬†girls with charismatic and most of the time impossible personalities. Thing in common: They got the look… and red nail polish.

Keep it chic, keep it in style regardless of the occasion.

Each is unique, ¬†has something to say to the world with the way she looks. First money from the paycheck – spent on shoes, last money from the paycheck – spent on dress.Going to the next door store without a lipstick, glasses or oversize scarf… never happened.

Drink – champagne, opinion – straightforward, attitude – yeah, lots of it.

Boots. Dress. Roof.


That mid season crisis. So long expected first Spring sunshine arrived to the city and you are torn between still dressing warm (like mama always says ) or jumping into ballerinas and light leather jacket. Keeping a mix of winterish black boots  with flirty leather dress, mood is way too playful    Shoes: Bugatti Dress: Zara