Men in crime: Looking good in summer

So you guys woke up from the winter and start loosing your mind over girls wearing  dresses, revealing more body parts and looking way too sexy?

It has been a  loong winter.  Time to get back in the game. What are you going to wear this summer? Those old basketball shorts and tank tops from last year won’t get you a date.

Key Summer trends which you actually can pull off and not look ridiculous: 

  • Cuban Collar Shirt (1950s style)
  • Bomber jacket
  • Chinos
  • Distressed jeans 

Cuban Collar ShirtcubancollarOld-school charm and class. Notch lapel-like collar, short sleeves, straight cut hem. Similar effect can be created with any shirt that has a top button tab fastening: ASOS . Check H&M : Cotton shirts with variety of designs and affordable price range.

Bomber jacket


Originating from back in the day when pilots needed to keep warm, is an  essential comfy outfit for warm days and chilly nights. Goes well with long line t-shirt, hoodies and classic shirts if you know how to pull it off. What completes the look are awesome trainers. Get yourself a good one – it will stay in trend for long time Diesel



Specific type of trousers, initially designed with a military purpose. These pants are made of a cotton or cotton-blend material, with any shade or color to please you. Particularly this summer front runners are: navy, red or green colors. Classic look is to tuck them 5 cm above the ankle.  900 czk for comfy summer pants Zara. Best shoes to combine with chinos are sneakers, sandals, topsiders.

Distressed jeans 


Easy one. Mainstay in every mans wardrobe. This summer jeans are ripped, patched, bleached – all but destroyed, basically. Top Man for variety of models, Levis for classic fit, Calvin Klein for special one.

Crime to avoid:

  • Crocs  and pretty ladies don’t go together, you gotta choose
  • If you are not a LV runway model, don’t mix sandals and socks

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