So You should go and love yourself…

I keep thinking what a shitty type of person could possibly bully others for being different. Key word = different; not like you, not something you are used to, just DIFFERENT.Why is that a reason to judge right away? Why  sometimes is it so hard for us to accept it and be in peace with it? 

April 13th is the International Day of Pink. It’s a day where communities around the world are united by celebrating diversity and free love.  It is also a day of raising awareness to stop all forms of bullying.

Have you ever seen a friend mistreated? Have you ever been hurt yourself? Wearing a shirt might not prevent bulling, but seeing happy people in my office dressed up in pink made my day!  

Sometimes fashion speaks louder then words 🙂 Whether you wanna lift  your mood through the work week or make a statement, put on the color of unconditional love and nurture in the beautiful spring day. Love is in the air, people! 

Fabulous Pink Essentials:

  • Socks – Nike for Running
  • Office Shirts – Tommy Hilfiger, Lindex, T.M.Lewin
  • Dress – Closet London
  • Jackets – C&A , Reserved
  • Tank Top – Buffalo David Bitton 

Photo credit: Derek Halsey




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