Coco Chitty

Lyrical digression from the topic of being fabulous.

Hipster concerts with small groups of relaxed and young people, gathering in the same venue to listen to the artists they like – never was my thing. But let me tell you, when your head is full of bothering thoughts and you wanna find some peace – standing in the dark underground room, right in front of the performer, feeling the energy and the vibe, focusing on lyrics and guitar sound (with Gin Tonic in hands)  makes you feel comfortable and disconnected from the rest ♥

C’est la vie  – when Wednesday mood is not right, I d throw Vans sneakers or Nike shoes on, black or grey ripped jeans, black T shirt and call a friend 😉

Prague is not Paris and the crowd is very easy on the style, but I see the  list of “must have” things for this type of event: 

  • Baseball cap
  • Hipster glasses 
  • Skinny jeans
  • Black Leather Jacket
  • Dark lipstick 

King Charles KingCharlse


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